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MILAN - 05.09.2021

From identity to products: many novelties presented at Supersalone 2021.


A dream that transcends times, shared generation after generation: that of blending the most refined craftsmanship, attention to detail, the study of lines and materials with creativity, contemporary, essential, architectural, functional design to make life better. This, in short, is Molinari’s idea, an excellence spanning over thirty years, an example of what "Made in Italy" really means.

What changes today, after 34 years? Nothing, if we think of the values of a brand that is keen to remain its old self. The same rules still apply. The same passion remains, that of Massimo Molinari, today at the head of the company. Everything, if we think of the sensitivity with which the Brand looks at markets around the world today. And to its renewed awareness. A change of pace, of skin, of image, without digressions from the path started many years ago. A new identity, that will be presented at the Supersalone in Milan, scheduled from 5-10 September 2021. It starts with a renewed logo, able to really tell who the new Molinari is. Up to at a series of new products, the result of a stylistic, aesthetic, methodological evolution, whose heart however remains the same as that of the beginnings. A new look, for that factory of ideas desired by Massimo Molinari, in which experimentation, creativity, obstinate search for quality and respect for tradition coexist in perfect harmony.


In over thirty years we have always remained true to ourselves, convinced that the choices made at the beginning, my parents’ intuitions, are as valid today as they were back then. But we have never stopped modernising, year after year, keeping up with the evolution of international markets, with the renewed needs of the contemporary consumer. We arrive at the Supersalone with a clear vision of what the Molinari of the future must look like, convinced that the past is essential to build an even more solid future. Our essential values remain the same: the craftsmanship of our creations, the use of the best leathers, the study and research of materials, and a timeless style. The experimentation of recent years has marked the new course for Molinari Design, which accelerates in terms of design, collaborations, digital, expanding its borders. The new look with which we present ourselves in Milan is simply the manifesto of what we have become. Today we are what I dreamt of becoming: a factory of ideas". Said Massimo Molinari, President of Molinari Design.


Molinari chooses the Supersalone to present a series of novelties, including the collection of sofas and armchairs designed by the young English designer Lucy Kurrein, with whom the Brand had already collaborated for the creation of the highly successful models “Rondò” and “Otto”. The “Bibendum” modular sofa, the “Compagna” armchair and the “Modular” sofa will be showcased, along with a series of coffee tables.


Divided between London and Paris, holder of the design Professor at Kingston University, Lucy Kurrein showcases her creations in London, Milan, Paris, New York and Hong Kong, regular guest of prestigious publications such as AD, Wallpaper, Elle Decoration, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and Le Monde.

Lucy Kurrein's creations for Molinari play on the contrast between the finest leathers, the flagship of the Brand's production, and a selection of glossy materials, painted with unexpected colors. The contrast emphasizes the differences between the materials, between the surfaces, enhancing the characteristics of each. The effects created by the glossy lacquers and mirrored finishes create a special dynamism, playing with the reflections of the environments, which give the surfaces a different look based on the angle from which they are viewed. The contrast of the materials is then enhanced with the passage of time: the immutable perfection of the glossy surfaces contrasts with the leather, which acquires new consistency, develops character and depth, living in symbiosis with the environments in which it is placed, becoming progressively more beautiful. 


Leather is the absolute protagonist, as in all Molinari collections, which enhances the original traits, consistency and natural textures, using vegetable dyes made in Florence using ancient clay and wood vats, fully respecting the most ancient craftsmen techniques. Each element of Molinari's collections is made to last over time, not only thanks to the quality of the materials, but also thanks to the dutiful attention to a sustainable lifestyle, through the union of a timeless style and the use of 100% recyclable materials, which guarantee minimum impact once they reach the end of their life cycle. A modern vision of luxury, based on values, on shared principles, which shuns constant changes, and does not only think about the satisfaction of contingent, often futile, desires.

It starts with "Bibendum", a modular sofa that plays with lines from the 60s, revisited in a contemporary key. The design is built around the concept of "stackability": the seat and backrest seem to have been created by simply stacking the leather cushions on top of each other. The supporting structure is composed of a thin shell made of recyclable polyurethane, which has a curvature that softly wraps the cushions, and is available in different finishes, such as lacquer or leather. Another element that distinguishes Bibendum is its adaptability, which allows the object not to age, to always remain current despite the passing of time: each of the seats is an independent armchair, supported by a cylindrical and swivel structure, which can be assembled to your liking, varying the configuration of the object according to the room, tastes, the number of seats or armchairs needed.

The “Compagna” armchair has a disruptive stage presence, despite the simplicity of its minimal lines. Inspired by the design of the 60s and 70s, the armchair features a seat made up of large leather cushions, with square lines, placed inside a luxurious shell with glossy finishes, built around their shapes. The name of the object recalls the feeling of being embraced by the structure of the armchair, of being protected by the shiny box in which you  gently immerse yourself. At the same time, the airy structure, which envelops its occupant without hiding them, encourages situations of conviviality, by opening  towards the different perspectives offered by the environments in which it is placed. 

Finally, we find minimal-designed wheels positioned at the four ends of the base, of generous dimensions, that complete the design of the object, to emphasize its functionality

The "Modular" sofa is like a sculpture made using primary, elementary shapes, which create dynamic interactions: circles, squares and rectangles, spheres, fused together as in an abstract work. Here too the desire to reinterpret the 60s and 70s, designing an architectural object that fills a space, and which also has the function of making those who sit in it feel comfortable. A work of art poised between the earth and the sky, suspended on a mirrored glass base, whose presence is barely perceived. Strength and lightness compete for the observer's gaze, without one being able to prevail over the other. The seams on the leather are deliberately visible, with the aim of emphasizing the geometry of the lines. Hardness and softness, again a balance of contrasts, for a sofa designed for the most absolute, soft and yielding comfort.

The Molinari collection by Lucy Kurrein is completed with the series of lacquered coffee tables, with circular shapes and contrasting colors, in which the dark glass or marble shelves stand out, offered in infinite variations. Here, too, a contemporary reinterpretation, amused and never nostalgic, of vintage shapes.


At Supersalone 2021 it will be possible to admire the new collection of Molinari leathers, which has always been at the center of its production: from nubuck to full grain, offered in different finishes. Raw materials of absolute quality are the essential starting point to carry out work with artisan techniques that enhance their characteristics, making the most of the objects on which they are used. Maximum attention is paid to the environment, which does not mean giving up practicality in everyday use. The leathers are 100% vegetable tanned, the colors are also natural, the leather is fully recyclable. Great novelty this year: the water-repellent leathers, a treatment that keeps the natural characteristics of the materials unaltered, both from an aesthetic and texture point of view, but which protect them, safeguard them from the effects of time and use, enhancing their function.


This is the new Molinari, and much more. A new look, a new communication, but with the same experience, same research, same craft and same futuristic interpretation of the classic. This is Molinari’s concept of true luxury.



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