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MILAN - 07.06.2022


Shapes and a lot of content at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Milan. June 7th 2022. Everything changes, without anything actually changing. A paradox, it would seem. Not for Molinari Design, a Made in Italy icon, synonymous with creativity, style, quality and respect for tradition. The Italian brand embarked on a new journey last year at the Supersalone, unveiling itself in a totally renewed guise.  A new image, a new way of communicating for that idea factory that Massimo Molinari desired, without any alteration of those essential principles, those original values on which its history was built, and its achievements celebrated. From the "Manifesto" of 2021 to the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where Molinari Design arrives with the strength coming from another year of validations, of results, of achievements. A new image, the same rules, the same exceptional products; the same only in content, in substance, made up of unrivaled craftsmanship care, the research of materials, the experimentation of new forms, in the service of well-being.


This is where we start from when we browse through the 2022 catalog of new products showcased in Milan. And it begins with two products made in collaboration with British designer Lucy Kurrein, who has already designed a handful of Molinari Design creations in the past, including the Rondo (2017), Otto (2019), and the more recent Bibendum and Modular sofas and the Compagna armchair in 2021. At the Molinari booth (Hall 14 - Stand A29) it’s possible to admire Nuvola, a sofa that can be configured at will, which originates from a reinterpretation of the concepts expressed in last year's Modular, of which it represents an evolution, characterized, however, by a greater overall lightness, and with an even more distinct personality.


"I am almost always looking for organic shapes when I design, and the products I have already made for Molinari Design, such as Rondo and Otto, are examples of this. The starting point in my concepts is always the internal structure of the products, from which I then derive the external structure: function that becomes form. In this latest collaboration with Molinari Design, I chose to do exactly the opposite: to design a sofa enclosed within a geometric, linear design that could be encased into a corner, or set against a wall, without losing charm, balance, or style. Hence the challenge to create a seating with a shape capable of providing comfort, that was cozy, inviting, but that remained within the limits imposed by its general geometric silhouette. Nuvola is a squared sofa, if you observe it. But the seat originates from circular shapes that envelop the body, creating the sensation of resting on a cloud (hence the name Nuvola, in Italian). In Nuvola, I wanted to enhance the contrast between the geometries that constitute its dominant feature, its appeal: square shapes that are opposed to circular shapes. And to amplify this effect further, I chose visible stitching, which would emphasize the outer and inner lines of the item even more. The structure is then dominated by large feather cushions, which are almost foreign elements to the rest of the sofa, but which heighten the feeling of comfort you experience when you sit down." Says Lucy Kurrein.


Another Molinari Design addition designed by Lucy Kurrein is Amica, an armchair on which the designer has chosen to exalt the concept of portability, of flexibility of use, giving the object infinite possibilities of use in the course of the same day, depending on one's needs. Amica can be moved at will next to a window to sit and read while enjoying the natural light filtering in from outside, or moved to the center of the room, or pushed into a corner for a peaceful moment. A friend, in a literal sense, a faithful companion that never leaves our side. Mobility, flexibility, visually conveyed by the silhouette of the wheels, placed at the four ends of the structure, whose function becomes a characterizing, predominant element of the entire object design. The wheels, together with the shapes of the armchair's lacquered frame, play with the lines of early 20th century carriages, conveying a feeling of moving luxury. Amica, an evolution of Compagna, unveiled in 2021, is inspired by its exterior lines, but adds a series of elements that enhance its comfort, inviting you to sit on it and stay wrapped in its soft upholstery, for entire whole day.


Molinari Design's flagship are leathers, narrated, celebrated also here, at the Salone del Mobile 2022 with many novelties: from nubuck to full grain, proposed in different finishes. The starting point, always, for Molinari's production, are the raw materials, of absolute quality; and the handcrafted processes carried out on them, capable of enhancing their original qualities, enhancing to the maximum the objects on which they are employed. Utmost care for the environment, without sacrificing convenience in everyday use: the tanning of the leathers is carried out using all-natural plant-based products, the dyes are natural, and the leather is 100% recyclable. Then there are the water-repellent leathers, which undergo a special treatment that preserves the natural properties of the materials, both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of their textures, but which protect them, defend them from the effects of time and wear, enhancing their function, practicality, and the freedom to enjoy long-lasting items.


Interpreting the traditional in a futuristic key. A mantra for Molinari Design; a fascination for visitors of the Molinari Design booth at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2022.

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