Nonsolo 015

The seating system “Nonsolo 015” is characterised by a broad variety of elements that allow the customer to interpret the living space with great flexibility: linear and modular elements of different sizes that allow for various configurations according to the customer’s own lifestyle and taste. Backrest pillows that are comfortable and reversible, supports for the head and complementary pillows of various sizes that allow the customer to choose between solutions for private relax or for entertainment, as a sign of personal comfort and elegance. A wide range of leather and fabrics, and the combination of different textures and colours allow a further level of customisation of the system of upholsteries ‘‘Nonsolo 015’’. The tailored detail that distinguishes this line is the gros-grain profile that highlights the line of the armrest and backrest, and that, depending on the colour of the lining, can be highlighted for contrast or with a more discreet touch hue on hue.

Available sizes